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If you’ve got an entrepreneurial spirit and a passion for incredible gelato, we want to talk to you about franchising opportunities! Our franchisees can always count on us for support. We’ll guide you through finding the perfect location, help you build and equip your dream store, and teach you how to make perfect gelato. No specific skills or experience in the sector required! Check out the overview below to learn more about the franchising process. Contact us at to learn more.Write us a message

Come aprire una gelateria in franchising

Assessment interview

At RivaReno, franchisees are more than just our business partners, they’re also our friends. In person or online, we want to get to know you! In the assessment interview, we’ll introduce you to our products and give you the chance to ask questions about next steps. Ideally, we’d like to meet in person in one of our gelato labs so you get a behind-the-scenes look at what it’s like to run one of our stores.

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Come trovare una gelateria in franchising

Finding the perfect shop

Choosing the optimal shop location is key to success. At RivaReno, we never cut corners. Many factors go into finding the ideal shop location, including possible competitors, transportation accessibility, and proximity to cultural attractions and well-trafficked pedestrian zones.

We also have high standards for the shop itself, which must have space for an attached gelato production lab as well as a suitable storefront.

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Business plan gelateria in franchising

Estimating the total investment

Once a potential store is available, we will estimate the total investment, which typically varies between $200,000 and $400,000 depending on the size of the store and its initial condition. This phase is crucial for calculating required financial resources and identifying other requirements, such as personnel. Since every franchise operation is unique, this phase is highly customized as required by individual projects.

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Contratto per la gelateria in franchising

Signing the contract

Almost done! Once all the organizational, financial, and logistical details have been worked out, the signing of the contract formalizes our franchising partnership.

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Desing Rivareno per gelaterie in franchising

Designing the store

We model our shops after the image of gourmet Italian boutiques, choosing warm colors and luxe materials to create an easy, comfortable atmosphere. Each store must balance aesthetics and practicality while also communicating product quality to our customers. To maintain continuity and recognizability of the brand, all RivaReno stores are designed under the supervision of our expert team.

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Formazione del personale per franchising

Training staff

Choosing and training the right staff is crucial to a successful launch. Don’t worry, you can leave this step up to us. We conduct all initial staff training to get personnel up to speed on our methods, operating procedures, and “customer first” philosophy.

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Come aprire gelateria in franchising estero

Opening day

Finally, the big day has arrived! Now is the time to get geared up for the first year of business, which always presents its share of challenges and opportunities. As you continue to grow your franchise, we’ll be there with you every step of the way. As part of the RivaReno family, you’ll always have the support you need.

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