RivaReno, renowned for its mastery in the art of artisan gelato, has launched a new range of flavors that promise to amaze and delight gelato lovers. With meticulous attention to the quality of ingredients and an unceasing search for innovative combinations, RivaReno continues to redefine the gelato experience.
The new flavors are a perfect example of this philosophy, offering a unique sensory journey that celebrates tradition and innovation. Get ready to discover surprising and irresistible tastes that will make every bite a moment of pure pleasure.


Our Cachi (persimmon) sorbet is made with vitamin- and fibre-rich Fuyu persimmons, known for their silky flesh and fullness of flavour.


A perfect marriage of luscious, creamy mascarpone and strawberries. After the first bite you’ll find yourself singing ‘forever!


Pieces of candied ginger add texture and an extra note of zing to our Zenzero (ginger) gelato.


Another take on layered ‘cremini’ praline desserts, Cremino Dark layers cream with dark chocolate, hazelnut butter and a pistachio swirl.


The flavours of Jamaica and Italy come together in Cioccolato al Rhum, made with high-quality cocoa, dark chocolate pieces and a splash of fine rum. The flavours of Cioccolato al Rhum are modelled after ‘cuneesi al rhum’, a luxurious praline from Piedmont.

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