All the flavor of the fresh fruit just picked.

For our gelato made fresh daily we use only real fruit, often just picked. The commitment of the gelato production lab RivaReno is to serve real fruit gelato without using flavouring, processed fruit or jams. Prepared without milk or its derivatives (*) the fruit flavours RivaReno have very high fruit contents (always more than 55%) and are also suitable for vegans.

Our recipe is simple: water, fruit, cane sugar with carob flour and sea algae, which give our fruit flavours their typical and distinctive velvety texture.


Specialties RivarenoClassic cream flavours


Produced from the end of June to August, when the apricot flavour is especially intense. The Italian gelato lab RivaReno uses both the apricots and their skin, rich in aromas and essential oils.


The Italian gelato lab RivaReno selects only very ripe bananas to make this classic flavour, served all year round.


The tangy and slightly pithy taste of the bergamot meets the sweetness of the cane sugar: a rare flavour is thus created for a gelato made fresh daily produced with this particular fruit from Calabria. It is a real thirst quencher.


When the summer gets hot, the gelato production lab RivaReno produces this seasonal and refreshing flavour. In our gelato, served from July to August, you will find all the anti-oxidant properties this amazing fruit has to offer.


With coconut milk and coconut shavings from Sri Lanka, a gelato made fresh daily in the summer.

Concord Grape

The Italian gelato lab RivaReno makes this seasonal flavor from mid- September till mid-October for the juiciness, fragrance and sweet flavor of these grapes.


If you are looking for the authentic taste of the Sicilian lemons, you will not be disappointed. The lemon gelato produced by the gelato production lab RivaReno recalls the taste of a fresh-squeezed lemonade: we add the essential oils of the lemon peel from Calabria to make the flavour even fresher tasting.


A gelato made fresh daily available from May to September, using Cantalupo and Pachino melons.


To celebrate the autumn and its colours, the gelato production lab RivaReno produces this flavour rich in fibres and vitamins, using the Fuyu persimmon variety, known for its sweet pulpy jelly. Try it with the Marron Glacé.


An explosion of colours which will make the end of your summer even more cheerful and sweet: the Italian gelato lab RivaReno selects the best black figs of the season which give this flavour its enticing light purple hue.

Passion fruit

Do not miss one of the best summer products of the Italian gelato lab RivaReno: only Amazonian passion fruit pulp to give our gelato its typical fragrance and refreshing quality.


The peach gelato flavour produced by the Italian gelato lab RivaReno is fragrant, sweet, and refreshing. It is made fresh daily from June to September, with freshly picked and unpeeled peaches.


It is a gelato made fresh daily from October to February using only Bartlett, Williams or Decane pears.

Pink grapefruit

The Italian gelato lab RivaReno squeezes only Jaffa pink grapefruits, the best ones for their colour and taste.


An unbeatable tasty experience if you love the tangy taste of raspberries. The Italian gelato lab RivaReno produces this gelato rich in vitamins both in the spring and in the summer.

Red orange

This flavour produced between January and February contains only the orange juice of Sanguinella oranges from Sicily. A daily fresh and ruby coloured gelato to make your winter less frigid.


The most loved flavour by children. It is prepared by RivaReno with the best Spanish (at the end of the winter) and Italian (in the spring) strawberries: a gelato made fresh daily which doesn’t disappoint customers young and of all ages.


The Italian gelato lab RivaReno produces this classic flavour by using the juice of the Sicilian tangerines in the winter from December to February when they are at their juiciest and tastiest.

Wild blackberries

The black, small wild black berries rich in vitamin C and vitamin A paint this flavour with a dark purple colour. RivaReno produces it during the summer, from July to September. Come and discover this special freshly made daily fruit flavour: it is like eating the fresh wild black berries!

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