Seasonal fruit: properties and calories of plums

Summer is undoubtedly the season of the tastiest, sweetest and most colorful fruit and plums perfectly embody these characteristics, but there is even more!

Few fruits like plums, in fact, have beneficial properties for health and are also ideal for those who do not want to give up neither the shape nor the taste!


Plums and prune: differences and varieties

Are prune and plums the same fruit? It depends.

If we want to rely on botany we should say no because, despite being from the same family, they come from different trees: Prunus domestica and Prunus Salicina.

If we open some vocabularies, however, the differentiation is based exclusively on the ways of consumption. The same fruit, in fact, would be called prune if dried and plum if fresh.

Whatever definition you decide to marry, it is always true that plums are the queens of summer.

There are many types that mature in different periods and that accompany us from June to September.

The Goccia d’Oro and the exquisite Regina Claudia are among the most popular yellow plum varieties, while among the dark ones the Red Heart stand out for their red pulp and the Shiro for their intense purple color.


Yellow and red plums: benefits and caloric content

Although there are minimal differences between one variety and another, all plums have one thing in common: they do very well and contain very few calories. Approximately 46 per 100g.

Plums, however, do not benefit the figure only for their limited caloric intake. One of their best known properties, in fact, is the diuretic effect that helps eliminate excess fluids.

Fiber, sorbitol, potassium, calcium, iron and magnesium: plums and plums seem like natural supplements, rich in all those elements that ensure energy and health, especially in the summer heat.

Last but not least, plums are rich in vitamin C and E which have a very high antioxidant power: they not only keep us fit, but also help us stay young.


RivaReno ice cream and sorbets with fresh seasonal fruit

To make quality ice creams and sorbets, at any time of the year, we use only seasonal fruits and select them practically one by one.

Let’s admit, however, that summer is the time when we are happiest having to taste carefully which plums, melons, peaches or apricots to choose: it’s hard work but someone has to do it!

Test our tasters and come and enjoy your favorite ice cream or summer fruit sorbet!