RivaReno: not only ice cream, discover the crêpes.

Too cold for ice cream? RivaReno has the solution for you: crêpes. They are a versatile dish, loved worldwide for its simplicity and versatility. We’ll guide you through a culinary journey to discover this kitchen classic, exploring the preparation and the variety of ways to enjoy them. Discover the numerous options for sweet and savory fillings, from classic chocolate to more refined combinations. We’ll also delve into crêpe preparation techniques and creative ideas for personalization.

The crêpes by RivaReno: a delicious world beyond ice cream

In RivaReno’s gelato production labs, in addition to the fresh daily gelato, you can also enjoy other delicacies such as natural yogurt, hot chocolate, crêpes, waffles, semifreddo, ice cream cakes, and Christmas sweets. The crêpes, in particular, are always extremely fresh and pair perfectly with whipped cream, fresh fruit, maple syrup, honey, or gianduia cream, as well as, of course, our creamy fresh daily gelato.

RivaReno’s crêpes are perfect when the cold starts to bite and they offer a culinary experience that goes beyond the classic ice cream. Whether you prefer sweet or savory, crêpes offer a wide palette of flavors and can be paired with a myriad of fillings.

Sweet or savory: RivaReno’s crêpes cater to all tastes.

In every spoonful of RivaReno’s crêpes, there’s a dedication to natural ingredients and a secret recipe that keeps these delicacies always fresh. The fusion of crêpe tradition and RivaReno’s craftsmanship creates a unique culinary experience.

RivaReno’s crêpes can also serve as a perfect accompaniment to the daily fresh gelato. The ideal combination of soft texture and icy creaminess creates a harmony of flavors that delights with every bite. A genuine pleasure for the palate that never goes out of style.

As for fillings, we offer sweet fillings such as classic melted chocolate, gianduia cream, fresh fruit, and maple syrup, creating a symphony of sweetness. Each option is designed to satisfy the desires of those with a sweet tooth, offering a variety of flavors that captivate the senses.

For those who prefer savory, RivaReno’s crêpes transform into an explosion of flavors. Select cheeses, high-quality ham, mushrooms, and other delicious savory ingredients are skillfully combined to create savory delights that please every palate.

The preparation of crêpes: showcases all the expertise of our experts.

The preparation of crêpes demands a certain mastery in the art of spreading the batter thinly. In RivaReno’s laboratories, this technique is perfected to ensure the ideal consistency and authentic taste. The magic begins right here. The basic batter, composed of flour, milk, eggs, and a pinch of salt, creates a light and delicate consistency. The challenge lies in evenly distributing it on the hot griddle, transforming the liquid into a thin and fragrant disc.

Flour is a key element in crêpe preparation. Eggs provide structure and softness to the crêpes while adding a touch of richness to the overall flavor. Milk is responsible for achieving the desired consistency. A pinch of sugar adds sweetness to the crêpes, while salt balances the flavors. Finally, melted butter imparts softness and a delicate taste to the crêpes. Mixed directly into the batter, it contributes to achieving a uniform consistency.

Crêpes: the magic of customization.

In addition to classic fillings, you can let your imagination run wild. You can opt for a timeless classic: crêpes with sugar and lemon. The contrast between the sweetness of the sugar and the acidity of the lemon creates a harmony of flavors that delights the palate. Another version involves crêpes filled with melted chocolate and enhanced with slices of strawberries, bananas, or raspberries. An irresistible combination of sweetness and freshness.

As for savory crêpes, you can combine the creaminess of cheese with the robustness of mushrooms. They are perfect for a light lunch or dinner. An elegant variant is smoked salmon and sour cream crêpes that marry the rich flavor of smoked salmon with the freshness of sour cream for a refined appetizer. Or even spinach and ricotta crêpes for a blend of vegetal and creamy flavors that harmoniously meld together. Finally, let’s conclude with another classic: ham and cheese crêpes, ideal for those who love the contrast between salty ham and soft cheese.

RivaReno’s crêpes: an unparalleled gastronomic experience.

RivaReno is a culinary paradise not only for its extraordinary gelatos but also for the delightful crêpes that bring craftsmanship and quality to another chapter of cuisine. Whether you’re seeking a sweet indulgence or a savory meal, RivaReno’s crêpes offer an unparalleled gastronomic experience. Temporarily set aside the idea of gelato and immerse yourself in a world of versatility and taste with RivaReno’s crêpes, where every bite is a culinary journey that satisfies the senses.