Panettoni Perbellini: Your Last but Not Least

As is customary every year, RivaReno rekindles its partnership with the historic artisanal panettone company, Perbellini. Discover a myriad of flavors and varieties for your sweetest Christmas yet.

RivaReno’s Christmas Confections

Close your eyes for a moment. When we mention “Christmas,” a plethora of images may come to mind—gift wrapping being unwound, festive lights illuminating a celebration, or even a snowy landscape. Yet, is there anything more beautiful than having the entire family gathered around a table during this festive season? After all, it’s the best time of the year to indulge in some sweet treats. Allow yourself to be pampered by RivaReno’s carefully curated Christmas desserts. We’ve selected the finest, and today, we specifically want to highlight Perbellini panettoni.

We firmly believe that when it comes to Christmas desserts, Perbellini Pasticceria in Bovolone has no equals. Their story dates back to the mid-nineteenth century, and they have remained faithful to their precious recipes, encompassing everything from fresh pastries to the crafting of puff pastry, yeast, and biscuits. Here, the family tradition has never waned, and to this day, you’ll find the founder’s grandchildren working diligently to create the delicious Perbellini panettone.

The History of Panettone

Before delving into the world of Perbellini panettone, let’s explore more about this dessert, which takes center stage on holiday tables and stands as one of the symbols of Christmas. Panettone has an intriguing origin, and two legends vie for the title of its inventor.

The first legend features Messer Ulivo degli Atellani, who was in love with Algisa, the daughter of the baker where he once worked as a boy. To boost the business’s turnover, the young man concocted a dessert using flour, honey, butter, and eggs. This, according to legend, marked the birth of the first panettone in history. The consensus was swift, and the happiness of father and daughter was such that Algisa happily became the wife of Messer Ulivo degli Atellani.

The second legend attributes the creation of panettone to a fortuitous mistake made by a chef in the kitchens of Ludovico Il Moro. For Christmas lunch, the cook had prepared the dessert but accidentally left it in the oven. As a result, it became inedible. To rectify the situation, Toni, a young kitchen assistant, proposed an alternative dessert using the few ingredients left in the pantry: honey, butter, flour, and candied fruit. Thus, the “Pane di Toni” was born, which, transformed into “panettone,” became everyone’s beloved Christmas dessert.

Naturally Leavened or Industrially Leavened Panettone?

Now, let’s fast forward to the present day. When the holidays arrive, doubts often arise: is a naturally leavened panettone better, or should one opt for an industrial version? At RivaReno, we want to guide you to the best, and that is artisanal panettone. The choice between industrial and artisanal panettone hinges on the selection of raw materials and the leavening process.

The pastry chefs creating Perbellini panettone meticulously select high-quality ingredients: fresh eggs, butter, and premium flour, combined with tender candied fruit and raisins. Then, there’s the yeast. In industrial baking, mother yeast is frequently blended with beer yeast to expedite the process.

However, in artisanal pastry making, this is not the case. The leavening of Perbellini panettone is a meticulous process that demands care, attention, and a generous dose of patience. The dough for a naturally leavened panettone rests for 24 to 72 hours before it can enter the oven. Only through this extended process does it acquire a lighter, softer, and more digestible texture.

Panettone Filled with RivaReno Ice Cream

In summary, we advocate for naturally leavened panettone. In our ice cream labs, you can find panettone from Perbellini Pasticceria, synonymous with true pastry excellence worldwide. These panettoni are crafted according to traditional recipes, just like in the past. Enjoy them plain, or if you have a sweet tooth, create your customized panettone by filling it with your favorite daily-fresh ice cream flavor. The marriage of panettone and ice cream, combining taste and texture, results in a unique dessert that provides intense pleasure, bite after bite.

The journey doesn’t end here because, in addition to panettone filled with RivaReno ice cream, there are daring variants. Among the various creams that enhance it, you can focus on chocolate, custard, gianduia, and more. In recent years, imagination has run wild, giving rise to panettone with pistachio, Limoncello, and even Spritz fillings. Besides the cream enriching the dough, the panettone is further elevated by the grains, providing that necessary delightful touch. Christmas with RivaReno, therefore, becomes a unique experience, thanks to Perbellini panettone. Delight in the best that tradition has to offer and discover the pleasure in every bite.