Banana bread: a quick and easy recipe

Banana bread is a typical American dessert that became famous all over the world, especially during the 2020 lockdown.

The reasons are simple: banana bread is really easy to make, it can be cooked in infinite variations and it is a very tasty way not to waste fruit that may be a little blackened.

In addition, it is so good that it even deserved a day of celebration: in the USA, in fact, the National Banana Bread Day is celebrated on 23 February.

History and original recipe of banana bread

The first cookbook showing the banana bread recipe dates back to the 1930s: it is in this period, therefore, that a homemade dessert is institutionalized, from the hands of housewives who, during the Great Depression, creatively recycled any leftover, including slightly overripe bananas.

The ingredients of traditional banana bread, in fact, are very simple: flour, eggs, sugar, butter, milk, cinnamon, yeast and, of course, mashed ripe bananas.

Also eaten alone, like a real cake, banana bread is born as bread: to be cut into slices, toasted and spread with butter and jam.

Variants of banana bread: vegan, fit, light, but also chocolate!

Like any successful recipe, even that of banana bread, over time, has lent itself to countless variations, always delicious.

For a light and healthy banana bread you can replace the butter by adding yogurt to the dough. For those who are lactose intolerant or follow a vegan diet, it is always possible to use vegetable milks: the almond or coconut one are delicious in combination with bananas!

Enriching banana bread and turning it into an exquisite dessert is child’s play.

The chopped walnuts will give a crunchy note, the chocolate chips will melt during cooking, enhancing the softness of the dough and, if you prefer spicy flavors, remember that a pinch of nutmeg will make the dessert even more fragrant.

Rivareno’s fresh daily banana ice cream

Banana is a versatile fruit, excellent on its own and particularly suitable for the preparation of desserts, pancakes and even our fresh ice cream of the day!

We serve banana ice cream all year round and carefully select the degree of ripeness of the fruits, so that it is sweet at the right point and super creamy.

You can enjoy it directly in our laboratories accompanying it with a fruit sorbet or dark chocolate ice cream, or take it home to amaze your guests by combining a slice of warm banana bread with a fresh scoop of ice cream!