What makes ice cream creamy?

In the RivaReno laboratories we produce a creamy ice cream, fresh every day and available in more than 100 variations. In our blog, however, we tell curiosities, recipes and stories of extraordinary goodness.

This time, however, we want to do even more: share some of the secrets that make our ice cream creamy like no other!


Avoid ice crystals in ice cream and sorbet for a creamy texture

The first step to obtain a creamy ice cream is to make the most of the union of two essential elements of any preparation: water (through the milk of which it is the main component) and air.

How many times have you read in the recipes of sweets and desserts that it is necessary to mix from the bottom up to incorporate air into the dough? A similar rule applies to ice cream.

The air allows the ice cream mixture to take on a velvety consistency and swell during the cooling process.

Water is also essential for making ice creams and sorbets because it is contained in any ingredient and constitutes its freezable component.

To ensure that our ice cream does not turn into an icy mass, however, it is important that the ice crystals are very small and that the freezing point falls below 0 ° thanks, for example, to the addition of milk.


Ideal recipe for making creamy ice cream even at home

To obtain sorbets and ice creams with a creamy texture, it is essential to choose the right ingredients and perhaps opt for the addition of natural gelling agents.

In fruit ice creams, following seasonality makes the difference: the fruits will be sweet and at the optimal degree of ripeness. The creams, on the other hand, base their consistency on the presence of milk.

At RivaReno, we only choose Piedmontese milk from the Cuneo plateau, not only because it has an incomparable taste, but also because its richness in proteins contributes to the unmistakable texture of our ice cream.

In addition, we reveal a trick: we often use brown sugar which adds an extra touch of flavor to the creaminess.


RivaReno ice cream and sorbet: daily fresh, soft and at the perfect temperature

In our laboratories we are committed to producing healthy fresh ice cream of the day, without preservatives, emulsifiers, hydrogenated fats and artificial colors.

With great care we choose high quality raw materials, we work the ice cream wisely to make it soft and creamy, but that’s not all.

Our ice cream combines intense aroma and creaminess at the perfect temperature.

A little higher than the traditional one, but ideal for enhancing the flavor of every taste: come and taste it!