Ice cream topped with whipped cream: yes or no?

When summer and the sweltering  heat arrive, you sweat more and you need to replenish the lost fluids. At the same time you want to eat cooling food: This is the season of rice salads, cold soups, melon and ham and, of course, ice cream. The summer treat par excellence, that young and old cannot do (an do not want to do) without: especially with added whipped cream

Calories in whipped cream

Whipped cream, without a doubt, adds an extra layer of flavor to ice creams! In terms of calories, though, whipped cream is often demonized and “banned” within a balanced diet. In reality, you can indulge eating an ice cream topped with whipped cream in absolute tranquility, even if you are on a diet. Bare in mind that 100 grams of whipped cream bring about 300-345 calories, and that the amount typically added to the ice cream weighs about 20 grams. So, all in all, the added whipped cream corresponds to 60-70 calories, just about the amount contained in a 125 gram yogurt jar! And to fulfil the appropriate nutritional needs, after enjoying a good ice cream topped with whipped cream for lunch, we suggest a choice of vegetables and bread for dinner.

The nutritional values of whipped cream

Calories aside, what are the nutritional values of whipped cream? In 100 g of product you have, approximately: 37 g of fat, of which about 23.032 is saturated fat, 2.79 g of carbohydrates of which 0.11 g of sugar, 2.05 g  of protein and 0.1 g. of salt. Furthermore, RivaReno whipped cream has an even higher protein content. Our whipped cream is produced with certified mountain milk from the Cuneo highland.

In short, if you choose a fruit ice cream, or one of the RivaReno Specialties, adding whipped cream can only enhance the intense taste and the velvety texture … without feeling guilty about the waistline!