RivaReno pear gelato: a sugary delicacy

Small and rounded or more tapered, whatever its geometry and color are the pear is always a great protagonist of seasonal fruit. Especially during the colder months. With a fresh and sugary taste, it would seem ideal to combine with gelato. So why is it so hard to find it in the ice cream shops? It is a thorny issue that involves its particular consistency, difficult to work with, and a little its rapid oxidation, which it is bound to meet in a short time. But despite the difficulties, the RivaReno laboratory has found the perfect formula to create its own personal pear gelato.

With so many types of pear … what will be the best?

It’s impossible to count all types of pear: across the whole world you can count up to 3000 different varieties. They are so numerous that choosing the most suitable for our gelato was not a breeze. At RivaReno we have worked hard to find that perfection able to combine taste and creaminess. After so many tastings, we fell in love with the rustic, aromatic and juicy … and we did not know how to decide! This is why we have created our pear gelato relying on quality and using four varieties: Bartlet, Williams, Abbot and Decane.

Pears: beneficial and nutritive properties for well-being

It is said that they are able to improve vision and prevent wrinkle. If you ask the grandmothers they will tell you that pears are able to lower the temperature in case of fever. But apart of these powers, what real properties do pears have? Mainly made up of water (over 80%), pears are not only low in calories but also rich in magnesium and iron fibers. And then let’s not forget that they contain vitamins B1 and B2, also making pear gelato a food with a high energizing power.

Fruit gelato and its best pairings

The RivaReno fruit gelato has an added value compared to all others because it really knows how to work with fruit. If you are wondering what is the best combination for pear gelato, there is no doubt: our dark chocolate has that pleasant bitter note perfect to enhance the sweetness of the pear.