RivaReno’s creamy hot chocolate

The creamy and soft hot chocolate prepared by the RivaReno gelato laboratory is a small temptation for goodies, as well as a pure dose of energy that can not be renounced. Whether for a snack or a dessert after dinner, our hot chocolate has that genuine and unmistakable flavor that will give you a unique moment to devote to the most intense pleasure.

A very sweet tour of the World: all the different types of cocoa

Chocolate is a 360° sensory experience. It can have a soft or hard consistency, a sweet or bitter taste, be shiny or opaque, with a persistent or barely perceptible scent. Immediately the gelato masters of RivaReno have asked themselves, which were the best types of cocoa to use to make a hot and creamy chocolate. Our laboratory has made a curious tour of the world to taste the most valuable: from those of Latin America that are said to have been used by Maya and Aztecs to those produced in the so-called Cocoa Belt of the tropical zone. But what made us fall in love was the African one.

From the bean to the chocolate: cocoa of Africa

Maybe you did not know that cocoa is an extremely delicate plant: the cultivation is a very hard job that requires constant care. When the tree blooms and produces large pods, to reach the cocoa it is necessary first to extract the seeds enclosed in a thick and viscous white pulp. Think that to produce half a kilo of cocoa it is necessary to wait for the harvest of a tree for a whole year. And it’s not over yet because there are still two fundamental steps: first the roasting of the grain and then the processing that will make it butter or cocoa powder. Our hot chocolate, creamy and so tasty, is made by the mixture of three different types of cocoa of Africa: in a single cup you will find the sun of Ivory Coast, Zaire and Madagascar.

A winter snack for young and old

When the coldest months arrive and even a few flakes of snow begin to drop, to the point of getting cold from head to toe, it is impossible not to want to pamper yourself with something good and warm. The creamy hot chocolate created in our laboratories seems to be the invitation you were expecting because it was made just to make the smile come back even on the duller and gloomy days. Let’s face it, the hot chocolate, with its funny puff of cream on top, is really the queen of comfort food, a winter snack that no one could say no to, neither grown-up men nor children.