Lactose-free ice cream

The increasing prevalence of food intolerances has made many people changed their dietary habits, thus to avoid unpleasant health problems. Who has discovered to have intolerances had to go without all that food which, until shortly before, had eaten with no problem. It goes without saying that most of these people, have looked for the best solutions to not make the new dietary habits too monotonous.

All catering business have had to increase their offer, proposing foods able to meet all the needs of this slice of customers. For example there are ice-cream parlours that, thus to make up the incidence of lactose intolerance, have actually begun to produce different flavours of ice-cream with no milk.

Symptoms an causes of lactose intolerance

The symptom of lactose intolerance is the classic crampy pain with distension, but not only! Headache, difficulty in digestion and impaired intestinal regularity are typical symptoms. Here’s why it’s good to always and carefully read the nutritional label of all commercially available products.

The cause of lactose intolerance lies in the lack of an enzyme produced by the small intestine, lactase, whose task is to divide lactose into galactose and glucose, which are more easily absorbed by our body. The lack of lactase leads to the incidence of the aforementioned health problems.

RivaReno lactose-free gelatos: pistachio and chocolate

RivaReno produces some flavours of free-lactose gelatos, such as chocolate, gianduia and pistachio, as well as all fruits flavours and granitas. RivaReno compensates for the lack of the Piedmontese alpine milk with a delicious alternative to not give up the traditional creaminess, typical of its gelato: dehydrated coconut oil. It is extracted from a part of the coconut and has a significant protein intake which contributes to make RivaReno gelato nutritionally “complete”.

Choosing RivaReno’s lactose-free pistachio or chocolate gelatos is a real guarantee: the total lack of lactose is added to an extremely intense taste. Chocolate flavour is perfect for a vegan diet, as well as pistachio which, in addition to have a 100% vegetable origin, has the advantage to have a lower calorie intake than the classic gelato made with milk.