The different varieties of strawberries

Strawberry is one of the most loved fruits by Italians, has important nutritional properties and lends itself to various recipes. While maintaining a unique and unmistakable flavor, there are several varieties of strawberries that stand out for their size, color and organoleptic properties. Let’s discover together their differences and the best seasons to taste them.

How to recognize the types of strawberries

The types of strawberries we find on the market are numerous, and are all characterized by specific shapes and colours. Among the most known varieties we find the Spanish ones such as Sabrosa and Roxana: the first has a medium-large shape, a bright red colour and, although sweet, has some acidulous notes. The second is a very coarse strawberry, deep red in colour and with a strong flavour that lasts even in autumn. During the summer you can also find mountain strawberries: small and rounded in shape, these fruits resemble the most famous wild strawberries but have a paler colour and a more delicate flavour.

What is the period to taste the best strawberries?

Strawberries are now available in every season. Their different varieties and constant production in different countries means that we can find them all year round. But if we are true lovers of this fruit, what time of the year will you be able to taste the very best strawberries? The strawberry plant starts to form flowers in Winter and with the arrival of the Spring warmth, the fruits are born. Between January and February, you can start to see the first strawberries in supermarkets, ripened in the mild climate of southern Italy. In March their ripening improves, and then there is an explosion of taste in the Lucanian and Campania varieties between April and May. It is during this period that Italian strawberries reach their optimal organoleptic properties. During the Summer and Autumn months, you can taste the mountain strawberries: small but of excellent quality, they are mostly produced in the Trentino and Veneto regions.

The best strawberries for the strawberry sorbet of RivaReno

Although often used for peculiar, even salty preparations, strawberries are the most widely used fruit to create Spring and Summer desserts.

RivaReno also uses this fruit for its preparations: ice creams, cakes, sorbets and slushes, they benefit from a unique and exceptional taste, thanks to the care with which all the raw ingredients are selected. By choosing only the very best strawberries and offering them only in within their respective seasons, Rivareno guarantees fresh and delicious preparations.

Among the most popular and appreciated flavours are strawberry sorbet, containing over 50% fruit, and strawberry mascarpone, the famous “Strawberry Fields” flavour, a creative recipe that has immediately won the hearts (and bellies ☺) of the most loyal customers; but not to be missed is also the granita, in which you can taste all the freshness and sweetness of the best Italian strawberries.