Recipes with fresh figs

When it comes to fruit, the fig is undoubtedly the comfort food par excellence.

Could it be for its sweetness, for the creamy consistency or for the fact that the recipes with fresh figs are many and super simple?


Desserts and bread with figs: the most delicious autumn recipes


If you think of a dessert with figs, you imagine soft desserts with cheese or custard: beautiful to look at and creamy to the nth degree. They are also delicious, but when a fresh fig enters the oven, it seems that its goodness doubles!


For breakfast, you can also add fresh figs to the bread dough or wrap each quarter of fruit in a triangle of puff pastry to obtain healthy and delicious mini-croissants.


At the end of the meal, however, we recommend the reinterpretation of two classic desserts: the soft cake and the fig strudel. Replace traditional apples with chunky figs and add dried fruit in both for an extra crunch.


Figs, ham and cheese but not only: the best combinations for savory recipes


Peeling a fig and tasting it natural is always a pleasure, but wrapping it in a slice of raw ham, bresaola or speck will become a real delight.


Among these perfect marriages, the encounter between the sweetness of the fruit and the smoky aroma of speck is the most versatile. With figs and speck, in fact, you can also prepare a tasty sauce for spaghetti. Just add them to a braised leek base and finish cooking the pasta in the sauce.


If the fig and ricotta couple is a pastry classic, we recommend to vegetarian friends and not only the fig and gorgonzola ‘pastries’. Just open the fruit, place a teaspoon of cheese and a roughly chopped walnut kernel on the pulp.


Finally, lovers of main courses can try their hand at escalopes with figs. While the floured meat is browning in a pan, mix balsamic vinegar, fresh fig pulp and a spoonful of honey in a saucepan to create a hot cream to pour over the slices before serving.


RivaReno fig ice cream: seasonal and daily


Could we at RivaReno, who produce our sorbets only with fresh seasonal fruit, let the time of figs slip away? Absolutely not!


And, in fact, in our laboratories, black fig ice cream awaits you: try it with Sicilian cassata ricotta or with the intense flavor of milk-free chocolate ice cream.