Salted caramel: a taste of contrasts

It is famously said that opposites attract – and that is precisely the case with our salted caramel. Sophisticated and intriguing, this flavour of comes from the combination of two opposites pole that create a perfect taste of contrasts. Such experiments are the order of the day in our kitchen, and many recipes are created through balancing very different ingredients. Let’s discover together the most famous juxtaposed flavours and those that are more unique.

The most exceptional culinary combinations

Experiments in the kitchen frequently produce special culinary combinations  that are highly sought after. These are sometimes the fruit of extensive research and sometimes the result of momentary inspiration: each set of circumstances often produces culinary masterpieces that stretch beyond the classic range of flavours.

Among the most sophisticated and modern combinations is the juxtaposition of oysters with kiwis. This combination was born out of molecular cuisine, according to which certain foods have molecules in common. Oysters and kiwis have 40% of their aroma molecules in common, and thus create a pleasant flavour on the palate. The same mechanism was used to pair white chocolate with caviar, two foods that share the trimethylamine molecule.

Combination of opposite flavours: the classics

Some culinary combinations have earned a place in classic cuisine: the juxtaposition between sweet and savoury opposite flavours, for example. Balsamic vinegar is great with fruit, especially with strawberries and berries. It also goes very well with gelato and panna cotta. But the pairing of honey with cheese is definitely one of the most famous salty sweet combinations in the world. Each type of cheese must be paired with the right type of honey in order to best enhance characteristics and flavour: the secret is in     using the correct doses of each ingredient and finding a balance between sweet and salty to prevent one flavour from overriding another.

The sweet saltiness of RivanReno

The RivaReno gelato masters love to create sophisticated taste combinations through experimenting with  sweet-salty contrast.  That’s how our crunchy salted caramel gelato was created; this flavour is truly delightful. Beginning with sugar, they create  a caramel with perfect variegation, paying great attention to the processing temperature. The sweet taste of sugar is then enhanced with salt, which gives the caramel a particular and very delicate aftertaste. Finally, caramelized and toasted Italian hazelnuts are added to the recipe, to satisfy even the most discerning gelato lovers.

The result is a gelato of matchless flavour!  Sweet and salty, velvety and crunchy: the perfect combination of opposites for true RivaReno goodness that everyone loves!