The nutritional value of blackberries

It is easy to find wild forest fruits during the summer months when walking around the countryside. Their colours and scents pervade the senses of everyone who finds them. The brambles which surround blackberries make them look like the most precious gems of all the forest fruits: although their goodness makes risking a few prickles worth it, you can also enjoy the nutritional value of blackberries with a tasty gelato or a delicious cake made from this sweet delicacy. You can even let yourself enjoy a sweet treat without fear of gaining weight thanks to the low calories in this fruit!

Antioxidant properties and vitamin K

Blackberries are rich in vitamins, minerals, fibre and antioxidants which protect cells from aging. They contain an especially high percentage of vitamin C which stimulates the immune system. They also count among the foods that contain vitamin K, which contributes to bone health and improves the speed of blood clotting: its vasoconstrictive and anti-inflammatory qualities aid skin healing. Other foods which contain vitamin K include green leafy vegetables and beans.

Forest fruits: their calories

Can the calories of forest fruits, especially blackberries, be part of a low-calorie diet? The answer is yes as they contain around 40 kcal per 100 grams. They are a healthy snack as their high percentage of fibre stabilizes your blood sugar, making you feel full and regulating your digestion. The nutritional value of forest fruits makes them suitable for diabetics and they are recommended to pregnant women thanks to their vitamin B and folic acid content.

How to savour the true sweetness of blackberries

Blackberries are “wellness foods” but can the sweet treats made from them always be considered as such? In reality, the difference is determined by the addition of extra sugars or artificial sweeteners during preparation: to avoid compromising the nutritional value of blackberries, the RivaReno which make fresh gelato every day use no less than 55% blackberries when making its delicious sorbets. This delicacy can be enjoyed from July to September according to when the fruit is in season: you will taste the freshness of the sugar in the blackberries and the consistency of the seeds in a thirst-quenching and purifying lactose-free sorbet.