The perfect texture for gelato

We all know how to recognise a good gelato at the first taste, both by the uniqueness of its flavours and by the quality of the raw materials used. But these are not the only factors that determine the excellence of a gelato: another is its consistency. So let’s find out what is the perfect texture for a gelato and why it is so important for its quality.

Taste: a sense packed with receptors

Taste is one of the five senses, whose receptors are present in the taste buds of the tongue, the soft palate, epiglottis, cheeks and pharynx. Taste is not just the sum of the sensations of bitterness, acidity, sweetness, saltiness and umami (to which kokumi and fats have recently been added): it also includes characteristics such as aroma, temperature, astringency and consistency.

The creaminess of a gelato makes its taste more “full” and pleasantly caresses the palate of those who taste it. But is it possible to have a naturally creamy gelato?

Natural creaminess and thickening

Many gelato makers use chemical additives to make their gelato more creamy: however, these are artificial substances that affect its authenticity. RivaReno, on the other hand, uses natural thickeners for its gelato that help to make it creamy, but of course healthy – such as carob seed flour, guar gum and seaweed extracts. Carob seed flour gives texture to gelatos, creams and sorbets; it also detoxifies the liver, lowers cholesterol and regulates blood sugar levels. Guar gum powder, on the other hand, can absorb a significant amount of water and thus make any compound denser; it also has anti-cholesterol and hypoglycaemic properties. Another natural thickener is made from seaweed, which is also an excellent detoxifier and anti-inflammatory for the liver and kidneys.

Creamy and super tasty gelato

In its Artisan gelato Workshop, RivaReno prepares a creamy gelato with an intense flavour, the result of studied combinations of ingredients and careful selection of raw materials. The temperature at which it is served, which is higher than ordinary ice cream, allows you to fully appreciate its velvety consistency, in an absolutely natural way.

At RivaReno, gelato is the meeting point of goodness and naturalness, for uncompromising quality!