Vegan chocolate ice cream

Does being intolerant to milk mean giving up the taste and creaminess of chocolate ice cream? Not at all!


Vegan chocolate ice cream is not just a recipe dedicated specifically to those who choose a 100% vegetable diet or cannot consume lactose, it is a fine option with an intense flavor that anyone should try.


Lactose-free ice cream: the best ingredients to replace milk


From the point of view of definitions, in fact, it would be more correct to speak of sorbet when referring to a mixture that does not contain proteins and fats of animal origin.

But it is only a nominal question: the delicacy of a carefully prepared vegan chocolate ice cream is equal to that of any traditional flavor.


Among the most popular vegan ice cream recipes there is undoubtedly the one that replaces cow’s milk with vegetable one.

Oat, soy, almond or cashew milk have, in fact, a sugar and fat content quite comparable to those of cow’s milk.


Another school of thought, however, prefers to prepare vegan chocolate ice cream with water: this is because the neutral taste of the base is able to enhance all the nuances of flavor of particularly precious ingredients such as cocoa beans.


Homemade vegan sorbet or ice cream: recipes and tricks


Milk proteins, however, are also important for obtaining an optimal consistency and making the ice cream creamy. In the preparation of a vegan sorbet, therefore, special attention is also required to the balancing of the components to obtain a good and velvety result.


Lactose, proteins and mineral salts give structure to the mixture and to replace them it is necessary to use vegetable thickeners such as Guar or Carrube gum.

The latter is particularly suitable for making vegan chocolate ice cream, because the carob seeds from which it derives have a flavor reminiscent of cocoa.


Finally, if you choose to use plant-based milk, keep in mind that this does not have a neutral flavor. Therefore, it is better to create a mix that fits perfectly with the flavor of ice cream you intend to make.


RivaReno chocolate ice cream and other fresh dairy-free flavors of the day


In our ice cream laboratories we want to create unique flavors, suitable for everyone and stimulate even those who have no special dietary needs to discover new flavors.


This is why we have chosen five classic flavors to be produced all year round, even without milk and derivatives. Which ones are they? The most loved, of course: chocolate, pistachio, gianduia, almond and hazelnut!


Come and taste them: we bet you will fall in love with their incredibly intense taste and super creamy texture.


Because, vegan or not, we are always passionately greedy!